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Hsinchu County Government Establishes the Tourism Brand “Talk a Walk in Hsinchu” for In-depth Tourism Experiences
  • PostDate:2022-12-02
  • Modified Date:2022-12-26


In recent years, Hsinchu County Government has been actively developing in-depth cultural tourism experiences for the public by launching the tourism brand “Talk a Walk in Hsinchu“. Centered on “flavors”, the brand leads visitors on journeys by exploring the local delicacies of Hsinchu County from different perspectives. Starting last year, four routes – including Guanxi, Beipu, Zhudong, and Xinpu – have been established, and well received by tourists. In 2023, four brand-new routes will be launched. With tourism as a soft strength, it is hoped that visitors will not only enjoy the beautiful mountains and water of Hsinchu County, but also better get to know Hsinchu County's past history, culture, and contemporary values.


Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke pointed out that as the trends of in-depth tourism and experiencing local specialty are flourishing, the county government has actively established its specialty tourism brand by tapping into the unique advantages of 13 townships and cities. Additionally, it assists in improving customer service processes for potential communities or stores, such as optimizing the handicraft experience process and explanation techniques. Furthermore, its collaboration with communities also allows for the integration of local specialty stores and industries into the small trips. These routes are each connected by a different theme that bridges links between industry, landscape, scenery, humanity, and culture, with the aims to move toward refined tourism and drive community economies.

Yu Chih-hsiang, Director of Hsinchu County Government’s Transportation & Tourism Bureau, said that Hsinchu County's townships and cities are rich in their own specialties and charms. Through the theme of “Flavor-Searching Tours”, visitors are led to follow the “flavor” of the local area and the “flavor” of their hometowns. So far, four routes have been established: “Take a Walk in Guanxi”, featuring the aromas of tea; “Take a Walk in Beipu”, focusing on the fragrance of rice; “Take a Walk in Zhudong”, featuring the tastes found in traditional Hakka markets; and “Take a Walk in Xinpu”, focusing on the scents of incense used in folk religion. All of these come with interesting and in-depth cultural introductions, and have been well-received by visitors. Nearly 60% of total visitors have come from Taipei and Taichung, in addition to those from the Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli area.


Moreover, the four routes launched last year received positive response, with a total of 33 tours taking place, attracting more than 500 people signed up to join. The total number of tourists may seem small, but the main purpose of the tours is to help people learn about Hsinchu County through in-depth travel experience. Once they fall in love with Hsinchu County, they will become repeat visitors to Hsinchu County for different specialty experiences. Director Yu explained that with the goal of attracting 1 million visitors to Hsinchu being set, they aim to attract 10,000 people to visit Hsinchu 100 times each, rather than attracting 1 million people to visit Hsinchu once each.


Officials from the Transportation & Tourism Bureau pointed out that the “Talk a Walk in Hsinchu” tours will continue to be launched next year (2023), with the purpose of leading visitors to explore other townships and cities in the “search for flavors”. In these routes, visitors will get to experience the canals and refreshing grass scents of Zhubei, the aroma of fresh tea leaves in Emei, the citrus fragrance in Hengshan, and the rich forest scents of Wufeng. Travelling from the city to the mountains and forests, these routes will be able to draw more crowds and drive local economies, with visitors diving deeper into local humanities, nature, and intriguing experiences.