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County Magistrate Yang: Japan’s Miyazaki Prefectural Government Visited Hsinchu; Exchanges Resume upon Pandemic Coming under Control
  • PostDate:2022-11-09
  • Modified Date:2022-12-26


Deputy Governor Hinokuma Toshiro of Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan, Speaker Nakano Kazunori, and Councilor Hoshihara Toru visited the Hsinchu County Government today (9th), and County Magistrate Wen-Ke Yang thanked Miyazaki Prefecture for its friendship. This year (2022) marks the fifth anniversary for the signing of “the Agreement of Friendship Exchange” by both parties, so Deputy Governor Hinokuma led the delegation to Hsinchu County. Both parties reached a consensus today to accelerate exchanges in tourism, sports, cultures, industries, agriculture, trade and other aspects after the COVID-19 pandemic comes under control.


County Magistrate Yang indicated that the two urban areas became sister cities in “Taiwan-Japan Baseball Exchange Tournament” in 2011. Since then, they’ve visited each other to broaden their baseball players’ horizons each winter break and summer vacation, accumulating experience in international competitions. In 2017, the two parties signed a “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Friendship Exchange,” and it’s been five years since then. However, all exchanges over the past three years had to be suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the future, the exchanges will resume to ensure closer cooperation between the two parties.


Additionally, County Magistrate Yang said that Hsinchu County and Miyazaki Prefecture have obtained great achievements in past exchanges and cooperation. Today’s visit led by Deputy Governor Hinokuma of Miyazaki Prefecture will add splendor to the exchange and cooperation of Hsinchu County and Miyazaki Prefecture. He believes that the relationship between the two sister cities will become ever better.


Deputy Governor Hinokuma of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan said that Hsinchu County is a good friend of Miyazaki Prefecture, and it is a key friendly city as well. Wagyu beef from Miyazaki has won the championship in Japan consecutively. Additionally, the World Baseball Classic will be held in Miyazaki next year. He welcomes County Magistrate Yang to lead a delegation to Japan, giving both parties the opportunity to enjoy more exchanges.


Today, Hsinchu County Government played the Japanese promotional video on Hsinchu County. The video presents the diverse scenery of Hsinchu County, tourism, and technology industries and other developments in the city, which have impressed participating guests. County Magistrate Yang presented the gifts of a hand-drawn county flower tea set created by Hsinchu County artist Yong-Gui Luo, and Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, a specialty product from the county. Distinguished guests from Japan gave Hsinchu County a vase made by Kuroki Kuniaki, a living national treasure craftsman residing in Miyazaki Prefecture as a gift. The two parties presented each other with gifts to bless each other. The occasion was both warm and harmonious.


Hsinchu County and Miyazaki Prefecture became friends in “Taiwan-Japan Baseball Exchange Tournament” in 2011. In 2017, both parties signed a “Memorandum of Understanding for Friendship Exchange.” In 2018, Hsinchu County Meat Market Co., Ltd. became the first public meat company that obtained the agency for wagyu beef in Taiwan. Moreover, with respect to cultural and educational exchanges, the wind orchestra of Tzu Chiang Junior High School, and the dance troupe of Emei Bilingual Junior High School performed in Miyazaki International Music Festival. Furthermore, Tongtex Secondary High School and Miyakonojo Higashi High School have signed an overseas sister school agreement, and Hu Kao High School and Liou-Jia Senior High School received exchange students from Miyazaki Prefecture.