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Hsinchu County establishes community markets with the aim of becoming a smart agricultural city
  • PostDate:2019-05-03
  • Modified Date:2019-08-15

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Hsinchu County Government and FHNet held a press conference to launch their "AIoT Farming Products Cloud Service Program" at the lobby of Hsinchu County Hall on April 23. The launching ceremony, as well as an opening ceremony for the community market, was attended by Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke, General Manager of FHNet Chiu Deng-song(邱登崧), Division Leader of Industrial Development Bureau Lin Jun-xiu(林俊秀), and General Manager of Hsinchu Meat Market Jiang Ning-zeng(江寧增).



Hsinchu County Government, FHNet, and Taiwan Tour Bus will cooperate with one another to introduce IoT technology and rideshare reservation service to a few proper locations throughout Hsinchu County. At the same time, the government will establish community markets to provide more sales channels for local farmers. It is hoped that these measures can build a high-quality brand for Hsinchu County's agricultural products. Besides, the government will sell "Hsinchu Select Bento," which is made with organic, traceable agricultural products, in the community market on 1F of Hsinchu County Hall.



Hsinchu Meat Market showed that an infrared sensor is installed at the entrance of the market to monitor the temperature of pigs. Besides, the market is equipped with an IoT environmental control system to activate the mechanism of disease prevention and assure customers of high-quality meat.



FHNet showed that it would utilize IoT technologies to help Hsinchu County Government keep track of various data. The technologies could be effectively applied to farming, allowing farmers to keep an eye on every aspect of their farming process. It would not only help promote the productivity, but also help establish a sales platform to sell the produce.



As for aquaculture, IoT technologies enables operators to monitor the water quality of fish ponds via the environmental control system and control equipment remotely. In this way, fish farmers can create the most appropriate growing environment promptly and reduce human costs. Furthermore, the data gathered, along with farming expertise, will be provided for fish farmers. The information will serve as a reference to facilitate decision-making and the management of quality, production, and delivery.