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Magistrate Yang leads a delegation to attend the annual Reunion Assembly of the Hakka Tsung Tsin Association of Tokyo
  • Release Department:Planning Section
  • PostDate:2019-04-12
  • Modified Date:2019-07-11

Magistrate Yang leads a delegation to attend the annual Reunion Assembly of the Hakka Tsung Tsin Association of Tokyo

The 53rd Reunion Assembly of the Hakka Tsung Tsin Association of Tokyo took place in Hotel Gajoen Tokyo on April 7. Magistrate Yang Wen-ke led a delegation, including Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau Lee Yu-lung(李猶龍), Secretary Guo Guang-hong(郭光鴻), and Chief of Hakka Affairs Section Chiu Ru-yan(邱如妍), to the grand occasion. In addition, a number of singers from Hsinchu County were also invited to perform during the event. Pop Hakka songs, Hakka folk songs, and hill songs were sung respectively by Lung Hsuan-hsuan(龍宣亘), Liu Yi-tong(劉奕彤), and Chen Lin-li(陳琳力). Their splendid performances touched the hearts of all the Hakka people living in Japan and made them homesick.


Established on April 13, 1963, the Hakka Tsung Tsin Association of Tokyo is the largest organization of overseas Hakka compatriots in Japan. The association holds reunion assemblies regularly to strengthen the bonds among Hakka people in Japan and exchange ideas with other Hakka organizations worldwide to promote Hakka culture and events. In his address, Magistrate emphasized his admiration for the passion and sense of mission of the Hakka Tsung Tsin Association, which dedicated itself to holding Hakka meetings in Tokyo, promoting Hakka culture, and gathering Hakka people's strength.


Magistrate Yang also stated that it was a sacred mission for all the Hakka people around the world to promote and pass down Hakka culture. He elaborated what the county government had achieved regarding the promotion of Hakka culture. The results included offering a Hakka language program for government staff, asking department directors to speak more Hakka in meetings and activities, integrating Hakka into education by offering Hakka classes at school, holding Hakka recitation and speech contests. He hoped the younger generations could grow up in the Hakka environment and know more about Hakka culture.


At the meantime, Magistrate Yang also seized the opportunity to promote the tourism of Hsinchu County. Hsinchu County has the highest percentage of Hakka population all over Taiwan. It is rich in Hakka historic sites, tourist attractions, and unique aesthetics in everyday life. Besides, it is also one of the highlights on Hakka Romantic Avenue. On the other hand, the authentic handmade Hakka foods in Hsinchu County, such as rice-based snacks, persimmon cakes, Oriental Beauty tea,  feature organic ingredients and high quality. At last, Magistrate Yang invited overseas Hakka compatriots back to Taiwan to participate in the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival on April 20 and the reunion assembly held by World Hakka Association.