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Japan’s Wagyu Beef is hitting the market of Hsinchu County next week
  • PostDate:2018-03-06
  • Modified Date:2018-03-06

Japan’s Wagyu Beef is hitting the market of Hsinchu County next weekThe well-known Wagyu Beef from Japan is coming to Hsinchu County! Hsinchu Meat Market Co. Ltd. signed the contract with Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture, becoming the agent for Miyazaki Wagyu Beef. Miyazaki Beef has won the championships of Japan’s National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu for three straight years, and is given the title—“the No.1 Beef in Japan.” At the earliest, it will be available at the Hsinchu Meat Market next week. Beef lovers are welcome to come and buy.
The contract signing ceremony was attended by Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun, the chairman and general manager of Hsinchu Meat Market Co. Ltd., Director of Agriculture Department Chiu Shih-chang, Former Assembly Speaker Hoshihara Toru. Hoshihara Toru indicated that since six years ago, about 200 Miyazaki Wagyu cows have been exported to the US each year. Besides, the Oscar Award has also ordered Miyazaki Wagyu Beef meal boxes for their guests. Due to its strict management and high quality as well as continuous improvement of the beef texture, Miyazaki Wagyu Beef has won numerous prizes and established worldwide reputation.
General Manager of Hsinchu Meat Market, Wei Ming-de, emphasizes that the company does not sell Wagyu Beef for profits. That is, the selling price will be lower than the market price. The company hopes to provide beef lovers with a better purchasing environment and channel. In addition, different parts of Wagyu can be ranked from A0 to A5 due to different texture. Thus, the price will be slightly varying according to the quality of beef, transportation costs, insurance, and money transfer fee. After placing the order and making payment, the beef will be delivered from Japan to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in ten days.
The friendship between Hsinchu County and Miyazaki Prefecture is established initially due to junior baseball games. Over the past eight years, the bond between the two regions is getting closer and closer. In February, 2017, both sides signed an exchange agreement, which promotes artistic, cultural, tourist, industrial, educational, sports and agricultural exchanges. Magistrate Chiu also visited the place of Wagyu Beef production, Miyakonojo, and helped Hsinchu Meat Market obtain the dealership for Miyazaki Wagyu Beef. Staff members of Rise Company came to Hsinchu Meat Market at the end of last year to evaluate the environment and discuss delivery and sale patterns. Both sides are dedicated to introducing stable and highest quality Wagyu Beef to Taiwan, satisfying the customers in Hsinchu County, and building a excellent reputation.