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Join in Xinpu’s Tian Chuan Day Celebration through a series of splendid events
  • PostDate:2018-02-26
  • Modified Date:2018-02-26

Join in Xinpu’s Tian Chuan Day Celebration through a series of splendid eventsDuring the Chinese New Year, Xinpu Township has announced plenty of good news. Firstly, its newly-constructed administration building, which took nearly 2 years and cost NTD170 million, is going to be inaugurated on February 10th. Besides, the vast flower sea landscaping, which is designed to celebrate the establishment of Xinpu Township for a century, will greet visitors in February and March. Lastly, from March 3rd, the oldest mobile lantern exhibition in Taiwan—Tian Chuan Day Celebration in Xinpu—will feature a grand parade as well as a Taiwanese opera show performed by the prestigious troupe, Ming Hwa Yuan, and a music feast presented by National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra. Mayor of Xinpu Township, Lin Bao-lu , invites everyone to come and participate in a series of splendid events during the Chinese New Year holidays.
During this year’s Tian Chuan Day Celebration, visitors can not only watch traditional lanterns but also feast their eyes on exotic ones designed by the Italian artist Stefano Misesti and his wife Beni Chu. Through the combination of local and exotic elements, everyone is able to have a distinctive lantern watching experience. Stefano says this festivity reminds him of Carnival of Viareggio in his hometown, Italy. It also takes place on February and attracts visitors from all over the world. Hence, he feels a great kinship with Tian Chuan Day.
The 2018 Tian Chuan Day Celebration is held from February 10th to March 11th. The highlight is the 40-hectare flower sea revolving around the newly-inaugurated administration building. The flower sea consists of sunflowers, cosmos flowers, dahlia, begonia, zinnia and rapeseed flowers. The swinging flowers in the winds in particular create breathtaking scenery.
In addition, on February 24th there are cycling tours featuring 4 specially-designed itineraries. Throughout the tour, the guide will lead participants to have in-depth exploration of Xinpu Township. Then on March 2nd, there will be Min Hwa Yuan’s Taiwanese Opera show. And the climax of the celebration may be the Hiking Event on March 3rd. Participants will also visit Xinpu township’s “three streets, six lanes, and nine ancestral halls” along the way. Some of the events require advance registration; hurry up and sign up now!
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  1. Date: March 2nd & 3rd, 2018 from 17–21
  2. Location: Xinpu Artist & Cultural Center (March 2nd)
Xinpu Junior High School (March 3rd)
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Information about Other Events:
2/24 Cycling Tour
3/2 & 3/3 Lantern Parade Guided Tour
3/3 Hiking Event
3/10 Guided Tour around Xinpu (for foreign visitors)
For more information, please refer to Facebook Fan Page