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Miyazaki Gakuen Senior High School Concert Band performs in Hsinchu County
  • PostDate:2018-01-12
  • Modified Date:2018-01-12

Miyazaki Gakuen Senior High School Concert Band performs in Hsinchu CountyThe Concert Band of Miyazaki Gakuen Senior High School gave a terrific performance at Hsinchu County Auditorium on January 7th. Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun also went to the concert in person. Unlike typical bands of which musicians often remain seated as they perform, Miyazaki Gakuen Senior High School Concert Band featured a marching band performance along with musicals. This special style wowed the audience. Band Leader, Mr. Shigeki Ide, also invited Hsinchu County Government to participate in the “Miyazaki International Street Music Festival,” held in Miyazaki Prefecture in the late April.
Magistrate Chiu said that the exchange between Hsinchu County and Miyazaki Prefecture has ranged from sports (baseball) to culture and art. The two cities have built a deep and close friendship. In the future, Magistrate Chiu hopes they can have further exchanges in other fileds, such as agriculture, tourism and business.
Mr. Shigeki Ide is also the CEO of “Street Culture and Art of Miyazaki.” He loves Taiwan a lot and he has been to Taiwan eight times and Hsinchu County twice. He has also developed a 20-year friendship with the famous Taiwanese trumpeter, Mr. Yeh Shu-han. The two musicians have made great dedication to the culture, art and education of Taiwan and Japan. Conductor, Mr. Kazuya Sato, said that all the members of the band seized every moment to practice and rehearse in order to give the audience in Hsinchu County a distinctive music experience.
Director of Hsinchu County Cultural Affairs Bureau, Zhang Yi-zhen, revealed that Miyazaki Gakuen Senior High School Concert Band specializes in marching band performance. The band attends Miyazaki International Street Music Festival every year and has won a lot of prizes under the instruction of Conductor Kazuya Sato. Since 2014, they have been invited to attend Chiayi City International Band Festival. With excellent skills and immense charms, the band was greeted with considerable praises from the audience. This time, the band cooperated with the famous Taiwanese trumpeter Yeh Shu-han, providing the audience with a brand new music feast.