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Hsinchu County Government holds a flag raising ceremony and a road running event to celebrate New Year's Day
  • PostDate:2018-01-04
  • Modified Date:2018-01-04

Hsinchu County Government holds a flag raising ceremony and a road running event to celebrate New Year's DayTo celebrate the coming of 2018, Hsinchu County Government held a flag raising ceremony at the square in front of Hsinchu County Hall on the very first day of 2018. Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun, Legislator Lin Wei-chou, Council Speaker Zhang Zhen-rong and thousands of people gathered together and showed great excitement about a whole new beginning.
In the sunlight, a series of exercises and a traditional Hakka dance performance warmed the participants up. The Hakka song played during the performance showed health, vitality and energy. At 7:30 a.m., the flag raising ceremony officially kicked off. The Unique Atayal College, a choir which had won the gold medal of the 2nd European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2015, led the participants to sing the national song. With the melodious voice, the national flag gradually rose along with the bright sun. The participants saluted the flag with eyes and hands, making the ceremony solemn and respectful.
In the speech, Magistrate Chiu mentioned that the county government has been dedicated to building up a smart, healthy and livable city. They have been shooting for the financial support from the central government’s Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. A total amount of NTD 1.58 billion has been approved by the central government, while another 4.2 billion is under review. The county government has created a pleasant, progressive living and working environment for the citizens. In the coming new year, there will be more challenges to overcome. Magistrate Chiu also hoped that the government could keep improving Hsinchu County and create a better future with all the people.
After the flag raising ceremony, a road running event took place. Magistrate Chiu said the road running event was really meaningful. He found many people willing to get up early to exercise on the New Year's Day. Besides, the government successfully cooperated with some companies to attract more participants, making the celebration of New Year's Day more splendid and interesting. Notably, each registration would lead to a donation of NTD 100 from the co-organizer to the children's charities in Hsinchu County. Many companies also joined in a charity sale, in which all of the profits earned would go to charitable organizations as well.