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New Book Sharing Session: A City of Hope, Brightness and Technology—The formula of Hsinchu County
  • PostDate:2017-12-22
  • Modified Date:2017-12-22

New Book Sharing Session: A City of Hope, Brightness and Technology—The formula of Hsinchu CountyOn December 18th, Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun, who is about to finish his 8-year term of office, held a new book sharing session at the independent bookstore called “Or Bookstore” in New Tile House Hakka Cultural District. In the session, Magistrate Chiu shared the government’s growth and change over the past 3,000 days with participants including the council speaker, township mayors, and people from business, artistic and cultural fields.
The book sharing session kicked off with the beautiful voice of the talented singer-songwriter Liu Rong-chang. A video about international exchanges played in the session showed how Hsinchu County confidently strides toward the world. Magistrate Chiu also unboxed the enlarged version of the new book, A City of Hope, Brightness and Technology—The formula of Hsinchu County. He said that besides looking back on the past, he would lead Hsinchu County to a better future.
The newly-released book is divided into five chapters, including “Smart City / Progress & Upturn,” “Transportation Network / Low-carbon Environment,” “Innovative Industries / Global Connection,” “Romantic Hsinchu County / Cultural Tourism” and “Balanced Education / Worry-free Home.” With great pictures and texts, the book records the efforts and achievements of Hsinchu County Government over the past 8 years. Magistrate Chiu recalled that the establishment of the one-stop service center for business has attracted many investments and brought prosperity. Now, green, biomedical, cultural innovative, tourist and agricultural industries are developing smoothly and well.
Magistrate Chiu said that despite financial difficulties, the government officers put great effort to draw up development plans and sought for support from the central government. With limited resources, Hsinchu County Government has built seven schools, ten bridges and sanitary sewers in Zhubei and Zhudong. In addition, the government enhances its people’s life quality by constructing Zhubei Sports Center, Zhubei No.8 Parking Lot and Health Industrial Park through BOT. Magistrate firmly believed that with hard work and assistance from others and God, Hsinchu County could make breakthroughs and improve by leaps and bounds.
Many guests, including Council Speaker Chang Zhen-rong, Former Speaker of Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly Hoshihara Toru, Deputy Chairperson of Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago (TACCGC) Angela Yang, Chairman of Phoenix Pioneer Technology, Hu Chu-ching, Director of Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Culture Group Chen Sheng-fu, Director General of K-12 Education Administration Chiu Chien-Kuo and CEO of Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Zhong De-mei all attended the book sharing session. They are not only audience but also main characters who grow up with Hsinchu County. Seeing the sweat and insistence turn into fruitful results, they felt really touched.
Magistrate Chiu sincerely hopes everyone could find the formula of Hsinchu County by reading the book. He also wants people to see how Hsinchu County goes into the world from an agricultural county, how Hsinchu County turns a dangerous bridge into a hot tourist spot, how Hsinchu County made traditional Hakka villages reborn with vitality and how Hsinchu County become a bright, happy and livable city.