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Magistrate Chiu Takes Part in the Northern Taiwan Leaders’ Conference with Joint Effort to Build Green Cities.
  • PostDate:2017-01-12
  • Modified Date:2017-01-12

Magistrate Chiu Takes Part in the Northern Taiwan Leaders’ Conference with Joint Effort to Build Green Cities.The Northern Taiwan Development Commission (NTDC), which comprises the eight city or county governments of northern Taiwan, held the Leaders’ Conference and Results Presentation at Hsinchu City’s Ambassador Hotel on January 9. This year, it was the turn of Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien to host the meeting. Leaders and representatives from Yilan County, Keelung City, New Taipei City, Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County and Miaoli County were in attendance, striving together for the development of the eight administrative regions of northern Taiwan.

Magistrate Chiu presented the achievements in disaster prevention and public security. He also indicated due to the decreasing space for storing incinerator bottom ash, effective reuse of this ash will be an important issue for future garbage disposal policy. In recent years, Hsinchu County has been actively promoting garbage reduction and incinerator bottom ash recycling, which not only keeps up with the world trend, but conforms to the central government’s policy to promote the “circular economy”. Proper disposal of trash is an important responsibility of a local government, Magistrate Chiu said. To make garbage disposal go without a hitch, he also petitioned the central government for lifting legal restrictions on using bottom ash in public construction projects.

Magistrate Chiu thanked the central government for supporting various projects of NTDC and appreciated the other city mayors and county magistrates for their efforts over the years. Through regional cooperation, the eight counties/cities are working together to create sustainable smart cities. He hoped through more cross-region cooperation, resources can be shared and facilities can be jointly used. This way, local governments are able to alleviate their financial burdens, create better conditions for development, and enhance overall competiveness of northern Taiwan.