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2016 Chatime Yummy Run Attracts Over 3000 Runners
  • PostDate:2016-11-25
  • Modified Date:2016-11-25

2016 Chatime Yummy Run Attracts Over 3000 Runners
2016 Chatime Yummy Run, which featured great foods, kicked off amidst a happy atmosphere on the early morning of November 19. Despite being held for the first time, the event attracted more than 3000 competitors. The organizer presented runners with NT$1000 food discount coupons before the race and also provided popular foods and drinks at aid stations along the route to maintain runners’ energy.

Attracting over 3000 competitors to the first Chatime Yummy Run was an impressive achievement. Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun said the event, which combined La Kaffa International Co., Ltd. with the food-themed road race for the first time, not only brought together the popular foods of the La Kaffa Group, but also promoted tourism of the city. With the famous Guanxi herbal grass jelly and Emei Eastern Beauty Tea all available freely at the aid stations, all participants were able to engage in the healthy activity while enjoying some authentic tastes of Hsinchu.

Chairman of La Kaffa International Wang Yao-hui said that La Kaffa has been deeply involved in the Taiwan food market for 12 years, but this is the first time that the group has staged a road race. He hoped to safeguard people’s health as they enjoyed popular La Kaffa foods. Besides, he also hoped to help the marketing of Hsinchu County through the event by allowing people to enjoy authentic tastes of Hsinchu and experience the beautiful scenery.

One of the highlights of the event was the aid stations packed with popular foods provided by La Kaffa International. Groups of cheerleaders were also on hand to cheer runners on. The event was filled with joy, and everyone had a thoroughly good time. La Kaffa International hopes that participant will continue to exercises, live a healthy lifestyle, and thus create a better life.