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Qionglin Township’s Land Art “Beside” will be Unveiled on November 12.
  • PostDate:2016-11-09
  • Modified Date:2016-11-09

Qionglin Township’s Land Art “Beside” will be Unveiled on November 12.Qionglin Township’s Land Art "Beside" will be Unveiled on November 12.

The third piece of land art on Hakka Romantic Avenue (Provincial Highway 3) in Hsinchu will soon be officially unveiled! Artist Feng Cheng Tsung (范承宗) has made two spheres, one large, one small, which are made by weaving bamboo. The work will be displayed in Teng Yu-sian Memorial Park in Qionglin Township. The artwork named “Beside” which are 4 meter height sphere with the other 1 meter height sphere.  Together, the art work represents the concomitance between humans and concomitance between humans and nature.

Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun visited the park on November 3rd and tried bamboo weaving under the guidance of master Feng. Makino bamboo grows in abundance in the hills of Hsinchu. In earlier days, many farming implements and furnishing were made of bamboo such as baskets for carrying rice seedlings and food. Bamboo was chosen as the material for the land art to show the specialty of Hsinchu. After treatment to prevent rotting, items made from Makino bamboo can be used for at least three years. Many people came to view "Beside"  and have their picture taken with it. Daily use of utensils which made by bamboo are practical and also visually appealing.

Hsinchu County Cultural Affairs Bureau Director Tsai Rong-guang said that after the official unveiling at 4pm on November 12, visitors not only can see the artwork of bamboo weaving, but also be able to see 60 local residents weave two land art in 2 days under the guidance of designer Feng.

Magistrate Chiu said that Qionglin Township is located on Provincial Highway 3 where the county government is currently promoting the Hakka Romantic Avenue. The installation of land art along the highway is one of the highlights of the project.  He welcomes everyone to visit the beautiful scenery of the park (Deng Yu Shian Memorial Park), enjoy the tea under the romantic atmosphere. The place is very romantic especially under the lights at night.