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Cycling through the sceneries of Hsinchu County
  • PostDate:2015-11-13
  • Modified Date:2015-11-13

Cycling through the sceneries of Hsinchu CountyThe cycling activity "Enjoy the beauty of Hsinchu County" by Bike-Easy Travel held by Hsinchu County Government started from Guanxi Township on November 8 and attracted almost 1,000 cyclists. At the same, the Provincial Highway 3 Revitalize Activity, Leisure Life Festival came to a successful end; the two events allowed visitors to experience the beautiful rural sceneries along Provincial Highway 3 and taste traditional Hakka dishes.

On the morning of November 8, Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun led childrens and citizens to set off a cycle tour from Guanxi Elementary School. Supply stations were set up along the way to serve Guanxi herbal tea and distinctive snacks. Participants who passed through the two checkpoints  on the way were able to participate in a lottery.

The Guanxi cycling route took in a number of well-known attractions such as the Fan Family Old House, Guanxi Catholic Church, Formosa Tea Industry and Culture Gallery, and Niulanhe Riverside Park. Though cycling visitors could enjoy good views of the countryside sceneries and gets to know the customs and conditions of Guanxi, in particular with history of tea industry, Hakka culture, and beautiful landscapes. Cycling is an activity suitable for all families.

Magistrate Chiu said that apart from the Guanxi route, further cycling events will be held on other routes, namely along the Xinpu route on November 14-15, Zhudong route on November 21-22 and Touqian River route on November 28-29, inviting  people from all over Taiwan to visit Hsinchu County to enjoy the beautiful cycling tour. 

The Provincial Highway 3 revitalize, Activity leisure Life Festival was also held the same weekend. The Hengshan Township Shakeng Slow Market was a tea-themed market that allowed visitors to experience tea rolling, tea making and invited street artists to perform in a small scale open air concert. Due to enthusiastic responses from public, visitors had to book in advance to enjoy tea dishes in the outdoor restaurant and it proved to be a highly popular country leisure activity. The main event of the festival was the Guanxi Township Dongan Ancient Bridge Concert held on the evening of November 8 and featuring singers such as Huang Wei-jie, Luo Si-rong, llikaolu, who treated the audience to the beautiful sound of Hakka and aboriginal songs.