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LEGO Miniature of Taiwan Built with 300 Thousand Bricks Draw 200 Thousand to Visit Hsinchu Art & Sport Festival
  • PostDate:2014-12-05
  • Modified Date:2014-12-05

LEGO Miniature of Taiwan Built with 300 Thousand Bricks Draw 200 Thousand to Visit Hsinchu Art & Sport Festival        To celebrate 2014 Hsinchu Art & Sport Festival, Chang Yih Foundation, the host of the event, invited Huang Ying-Chin, a local LEGO-building expert, and local LEGO teams to build miniature models of beautiful landscapes of Taiwan with over 300 thousand LEGO bricks. It includes not only the Central Mountain range and plain landscapes but also 18 other beautiful landmarks of Taiwan. It presents some of the best-known buildings and landscapes in Taiwan in a creative way and lets people see the beauty of Taiwan.
        It took 45 days for ten LEGO experts just to build the ground base of the 300-thousand brick miniature Taiwan. The leading LEGO architect Huang Ying-Chin, who has been teaching people LEGO building for years, said. “It is a rare chance to be able to lead a team to create this massive LEGO model with a large number of LEGO bricks. Although I often felt time pressure during the building process, I am very satisfied with the way our finished product presents.” Other than the blue LEGO-brick ocean surrounding the island, all the rest of the model was built with white bricks, including Taipei 101 and National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Luce Memorial Chapel at Tunghai University in Taichung, Eluanbi Lighthouse in Pintung, etc. Even Hsinchu Taiwan Pavilion Expo Park and the Suspension Bridge in Neiwan are perfectly depicted. All the officers and guests at the event were amazed by what they saw. The hosting foundation hopes to show the creativity of Hsinchu through this work.
        A lot of people have come for the festival ever since it opened at the Cultural Square at Hsinchu Cultural Affairs Bureau in September. It is the best place for families with kids and couples. Students also take field trips to the festival during weekdays. It even draws the attention of several TV travel shows. Besides being able to see these creations in a close distance, people also have the chance to create their own at the festival. The estimated number of visitors has reached 200 thousand. It is very likely to surpass last year’s number.
        The gigantic 3D LEGO-map of Taiwan displayed in Hsinchu Historical Museum is free to the public. The Hsinchu Art & Sport Festival will end on December 14 and will have its closing ceremony on Saturday, December 13. The well-known comedian Xu Xiao-Shun was invited to be the guest speaker of the ceremony to share how creativity can help people overcome adversaries. There will also be other performances such as cheerleading and street performances alongside limited gifts to give away. It will give a perfect ending to 2014 Hsinchu Art & Sport Festival.

Source: Exhibition Arts Section, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government
Contact: Deng Yu-feng  (03-5510201#800)
Wang Bao-qin  (03-5510201#801)