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6,000 Heroes run in all-weather on the Double Tenth National Day
  • PostDate:2014-10-20
  • Modified Date:2014-10-20

6,000 Heroes run in all-weather on the Double Tenth National Day To celebrate the 103th birthday of Taiwan, the Hsinchu County Government and the Chang Yih Foundation jointly held “Supe2 Run”, a road running event where runner dressed like superheroes, at Hsinchu County Square on the National Day. 6000 runners , both children and adults, dressed like superheroes in The Incredibles for the event. It was a magnificent sight to see thousands of gold-caped superheroes running together. There were even some cosplayers showing their support for the event as well as helping Hsinchu County promote Taiwan Comic Dream Park. Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Chin-Chun and the president of Chang Yih Foundation Yang Yu-Chuan fired the starting gun for the 3k fun run and 10k challenge run respectively. These superheroes ran with the national flags in their hands to celebrate the 103th birthday of Taiwan.
“Hsinchu County is developing a healthy and senior-friendly city as well as promoting Taiwan Comics Dream Park. It is especially meaningful that the event combined both elements of comics and sports.” Magistrate Chiu said. “We highly appreciate the support and participation of residents. Besides, we didn’t cancel the run because of the bad weather. This shows the fearless spirit of superheroes.” The Hsinchu County invited Zhow Si-Ji, a star baseball player of the Brother Elephants, to lead the runners. He, with some other superheroes, held a huge national flag of Taiwan together, running through the starting line to celebrate the birthday of Taiwan. “Everyone can be a hero. Besides, it is interesting and meaningful for me to run with so many superheroes.” Zhow felt that this was a very special road running event. The most popular spot for the event is the dedicated area full of props and themed cutouts, including the accessories for changing into a superhero, the car used by Superman for crime-fighting, and a themed cutout of a large meteorite falling to earth. People in superhero costumes can use the props to take creative shots, showing their justice power and enjoying the precious moment. 
Yang Jia Wen, the CEO of Chang Yih Foundation, said, “The first Superman running event from last year received a wild and positive response, which gave us the confidence and motivation to hold the second one. We hope everyone can invite their friends and families to go out and participate in such great annual event. People who come would not only create wonderful memories but have healthier bodies. This energetic activity would have a positive impact on society as a result.”
Flag-raising ceremony for the National Day was also held at the Hsinchu County Government Square today. Both Development Association of Community in Zhongxing Village, Xinfeng and the International Nature Loving Federation provided fantastic performances for the ceremony. In addition, four aboriginal teachers led everyone to sing the National Anthem of Taiwan. Magistrate Chiu also issued certificates of appreciation to groups including Hsinchu County Association of Veterans Affairs for their help in this activity.
Other guests attended the ceremony included legislator Xu Xin-Ying, Chen Jian-Xian, the speaker of the Hsinchu County Council, councilors He Gan-Ming and Lin Bao-Guang, Xu Zhao-Zhang, the township mayor of Zhudong, Tu Mao-Gan, the township mayor of Xinfeng, Lin Qi-Xian, representative of Zhubei City, Liu Min-Qian, the member of KMT Hsinchu branch, Zhang Lan-Cheng, the branch supervisor of KMT Huang Guo-Xin branch, Huang Zhong-Shan, the president of Don Yen General Hospital, Hu Qing-Xu, the supervisor of Hsinchu Army Reserve Command.
C&S Creation Wu Ji-Ying(0932-800682), Wu Kun-Ru (0937-185700)
Section chief of Social Affairs Department, Hsinchu County Government: Mr. Chou (5518101 # 3125)