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Super Run inviting everyone to jog on National Day, to accept registration on August 8
  • PostDate:2014-08-20
  • Modified Date:2014-08-20

Super Run inviting everyone to jog on National Day, to accept registration on August 8The Headquarter of Superhero is NOW recruiting new blood! The “2014 Hsinchu Art and Sport Festival” will kick off from September 13 through December 14, 2014 in Hsinchu County, and is to exhibit the giant blocks Moai statues and Colosseum. In addition, since the Super Run enjoyed popularity last year, in 2014, it will announce its opening on the Double Ten Day and begin to accept registration at 2pm of August 8.
Since the fad of road running swept Taiwan in recent years, the 1st National Day Super Run attracted 4,000 participants to “hit the road” last year, which caused a great sensation. Seeing this, the organizer Chang-Yih Foundation decided to hold the Super Run in 2014. By adjusting the color tones from red, blue and white to red, yellow and black, the 2014 Super Run features superman players with golden cloaks, which highlight their heroic spirits. Dressing handsomely as a superman, Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun showed up at the pre-press conference to promote this grand event. The Executive Director of Chang-Yih Foundation Yang Jia-Wei and the Mommy of Ultramarathon Qiu Shu-Rong also attended the pre-press conference to rally the County residents around and to encourage them to get moving on the National Day.
The Hsinchu Art and Sport Festival attracted hordes of people to take part in its string of activities, and is to organize a larger landscape area for the display of urban design and space concept. The large-scale toy blocks installation art pieces will be built in the neighboring area of Hsinchu County government. In addition, the giant blocks Moai statues and Colosseum, at the height of 3m and 8m respectively, will be exhibited at the Culture Square of the County’s Cultural Affairs Bureau, allowing the residents access to the scaled-down version of the world’s spectacular wonders. The Cultural Park in Zhubei City will have two 3-meter-tall blocks men and many little blocks men featuring different themes displayed in different areas, which will be free and open for visits and photography.
The County government will lend support to Chang-Yih Foundation for holding the Festival as their contribution to the society, hoping to assist them with resources in organizing the 2nd Hsinchu Art and Sport Festival. The 2014 Festival will add seats for participation to 6,000, with 3,000 for 10km competition group (NT$ 800 for registration fee, including refundable NT$100 chip fee) and 3,000 for 3km fun group (NT$ 600 for registration fee). The online registration will start at 2pm on August 8, 2014. For further information, please visit the following links:
(1) Facebook fan page of 2014 Hsinchu Art and Sport Festival:
(2) Facebook fan page of 2014 Chang-Yih National Day Super Run:

Source: Exhibition Arts Section of Hsinchu County government’s Cultural Affairs Bureau and Chang-Yih Foundation (昌益文教基金會)
Writer: Fang Hui-Ru