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Hsinchu County Government signs letter of intent with Taipei City Government to promote Hakka cultures and industrial exchanges
  • PostDate:2014-04-01
  • Modified Date:2014-04-02

Hsinchu County Government signs letter of intent with Taipei City Government to promote Hakka cultures and industrial exchangesOn March 16, to facilitate exchanges of Hakka Yimin Festivities between Hsinchu County and Taipei City, the Mayor of Taipei City Hau Lung-Bin and Magistrate of Hsinchu County Chiu Ching-Chun signed the letter of intent, aiming to promote Hakka cultures and industrial exchanges by taking advantage of Taipei City’s economic and information exchanges platform. The two will enter into collaboration to hold Hakka cultures festivities and to promote the most favored agricultural products to the whole island of Taiwan. Along with Mayor Hau and other guests, Magistrate Chiu paid a visit to Yimin Temple in the morning, and Chiu presented them with Hakka Yimin invitation cards and miniature colored God pigs as gifts. Then they headed to Jin-Han Dehydrated Persimmon in Xinpu Township, the County of dehydrated persimmon. 

Magistrate Chiu demonstrated his gratitude for Taipei City government’s wholehearted engagement in the promotion of Hakka cultures and Hsinchu County’s agricultural products. Chiu added that the inter-municipal cooperation, which comes in as the letter of intent was signed, is to advertise Hsinchu County’s top 10 souveniors and some agricultural products through Taipei’s economic and information exchanges platforms. In the process from production to consumption, Hsinchu County can negotiate with Taipei City to decide the sales items and then hold a joint sales to promote the agricultural products such as Oriental Beauty Tea, citrus fruit, and persimmon at the joint sales held in Taipei City’s Hakka Cultures Park. The Taipei City government will even map out a string of sales activities such as collective buying among employees, in-season vegetables and fruit sales promotion, and supermarket bargain sales, etc. 

Making an item-by-item introduction of the County’s agricultural products to Mayor Hau at the ceremony, Magistrate Chiu stressed the incomparable quality of local products and sent blessing and wishes to Mayor Hau by presenting him a porcelain artifacts named “Good Persimmon, Good Luck.” Hau delivered the NewChi contemporary porcelain, Wenshan paochung Tea, yam and pineapple shortcake to Chiu in return to show how grateful he is for the County’s past assistance throughout the courses of 2009 Deaflympics and Taipei International Flora Exposition and voluntary helps to offer venues for 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade. Hsinchu County has budget and exquisite agricultural products, and he is obligated to offer citizens the best products as a leader of Taipei City, Hau announced. Hau also expressed his belief that the cooperation between two cities must reach a win-win situation down the road. 

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