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Global Views Top 3 Policy Satisfaction Improvements Yang Wen-ke: Touch People’s Hearts Through Hard Work
  • PostDate:2022-06-06
  • Modified Date:2022-07-04

Global Views Top 3 Policy Satisfaction Improvements  Yang Wen-ke: Touch People’s Hearts Through Hard Work

Global Views magazine surveyed the 2022 governance satisfaction rates for all mayors and magistrates in Taiwan. The satisfaction rate for Hsinchu County’s government performance along eight dimensions is 69.1%, an all-around improvement compared with last year. Magistrate Yang Wen-ke has worked hard with his colleagues in the county government. In recent years, we’ve seen that different infrastructure projects have been completed and local residents have witnessed all the progress. Yang’s governance satisfaction rate has improved a lot and he placed in the top 3 for policy satisfaction improvement among all mayors and magistrates around Taiwan. Yang Wen received the award on the afternoon of June 6. He thanked the county residents for their affirmation of his governance. He will continue to work hard to impress county residents.


According to Yang, the fact that he won Global Views’ governance satisfaction progress award signals that the governing direction for Hsinchu County is on the right path and his hard work has been affirmed by county residents. His governance satisfaction rate has been increasing year by year, which bolsters his morale and the morale of the county government staff. With gratitude, he will continue to lead the county government team in implementing various policies under the slogan of “work hard for economy, focus on culture and education, enjoy social benefits, and live in peace.” These policies will pave the way for the 30-years prosperity in Hsinchu in the future.


Global Views conducted a survey on the governance satisfaction in all counties and cities around Taiwan. The results of the 2022 survey were announced on May 26. Compared with last year, Hsinchu County’s overall improvement in governance satisfaction can be seen in eight dimensions. This means that local residents have affirmed the hard work by Magistrate Yang and the county government staff. Magistrate Yang Wen-ke has also made major progress in magistrate governance satisfaction. He ranks in the top three for the most progress made among Taiwan’s mayors and magistrates.


Yang Wen-ke has actively promoted various policies since taking office. The progresses of Hsinchu County shows that the county government team is digging in and working hard locally. Local residents have gradually seen the results of all this hard effort. Yang will continue to lead the county government team in pursuing good governance. With the goal of working hard for the county’s economy, focusing on culture and education, enjoying societal benefits, and living in peace, the “Five Arrows,” the main themes of the county government’s policies, will gradually transform Hsinchu County into a happy and livable city of culture, technology, and convenience.