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Hsinchu County Government and Shown Group Create “Shown Square” with Movie Theaters, Restaurants, and a Shopping Mall
  • PostDate:2022-05-01
  • Modified Date:2022-07-04

Hsinchu County Government and Shown Group Create “Shown Square” with Movie Theaters, Restaurants, and a Shopping Mall

The rapid development of Hsinchu County and the continuous increase of population due to migration attracts investments from Far Eastern Department Stores at Zhubei, 6+Plaza stores, and Feng Life near the Sheraton. The first five-star cinema in Hsinchu County will also be coming soon. It’s expected to open as early as October this year. The cinema is a BOT project signed between the Hsinchu County Government and Shown Group. A parking lot and a shopping mall “Shown Square” as well as a Broadway Theater will be built. There will be a four-story building with spaces for the theater, restaurants, a shopping mall, and a parking lot. The nightlife in Hsinchu County will grow more and more lively.

Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke said that Zhubei is one of the biggest potential business districts. It’s close to Hsinchu Science Park, Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, and Hukou Science Park. Its location brings migration. Through a BOT project, the county government is trying to bring private investment to develop Zhubei and create more business and job opportunities. In addition to facilitating the investment of the Far Eastern Department Stores at Zhubei, which has been operating smoothly since the beginning of this year, the county government also signed the “Ziqiang Seventh Street Three-dimensional Parking Space BOT” with Longxiang in 2018, giving the entire city better transportation services, leisure and entertainment, and other services.


According to the Transportation and Tourism Department, Ziqiang Seventh Street Three-dimensional Parking Lot BOT is located at the intersection of Ziqiang South Road and Chenggong Second Street. It’s a major parking space BOT project for Hsinchu County. Longxiang is investing in the BOT and is constructing a building with 10 stories above ground and one underground level. The underground floor is a parking lot for motorcycles/scooters and cars. The shopping mall and restaurants are located on the first and second floors. Theaters are located on the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth floors. The Seventh, eighth, nineth, and tenth floors are parking spaces for cars. The parking spaces are expected to be opened in July this year. A total of 596 car spaces and 269 motorcycles/scooters spaces are planned. An AI green energy parking system is being adopted, making the parking lot more technological and convenient.

According to the Transportation and Tourism Department, besides the “Shown Square,” a shopping mall, a Broadway Cinema and a 1653-square-meter shared office, through the hiring of Jing-Jan Digital - the planner for Q-Square Plaza - as Hsinchu County Government’s investment consultant, the first and second floors will host Gonna, a Mediterranean light brunch restaurant, part of the Lion Group; Jin-Zhu, a Taiwanese restaurant; Yamaguchi Six Canteens-- Japanese cuisine; Smile Teriyaki; Yuiitsu Beef Hot Pot; Thai Cuisine Thai Heart; Hakka Cuisine Orange Flower; Korean-style Leang Ban Jia Group Tofu Village; RÊVE Café; Xinguo, and other brands in the Hsinchu area. These restaurants will satisfy every foodie’s diverse gourmet needs.