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Magistrate Yang talks about smart city applications at 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo
  • PostDate:2019-04-05
  • Modified Date:2019-04-19

Magistrate Yang talks about smart city applications at 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo

Invited by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke attended the 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo on the afternoon of March 27 and shared the future development of Hsinchu County as a smart city. Accompanied by Director of General Development Department Chiu Chun-liang, Director of Social Affairs Department Li Guo-lu, and Director of Agriculture Department Chiu Shi-chang, Magistrate Yang played the game of Hsinchu County's Interactive Dementia Prevention System. He believed the system, which  would be able to attract senior users and revitalize their mobility and cognitive functions, could be introduced into day care centers.


In addition, Magistrate Yang visited the stand of FHNet, which joined hands with Hsinchu County Government to promote smart agriculture, and the stand featuring the "instant roadside parking space information system." He showed gratitude to Industrial Development Bureau for promoting the "Smart City Life Project," in which domestic companies and enterprises were encouraged to be devoted to smart city applications and services in cooperation with local governments.


Magistrate Yang showed that Hsinchu County government was promoting several projects, including smart agriculture, smart healthcare, and smart shopping district. The smart agriculture project, featuring "high-tech," "health," and "recreation," was launched to solve the problems of crop production and sales, raise the values of agricultural products, and promote sustainable farming practices. The smart healthcare, on the other hand, was launched in response to the emerging senior healthcare problems caused by Taiwan's aging population. Hsinchu County Government made great effort to set up healthcare centers and introduce smart healthcare systems to enhance the quality of services and analyze senior citizens' needs through big data. In the smart shopping district project, the first AI service robot coupled with artificial intelligence applications in Hsinchu County was born. The project aimed to integrate various information, such as weather, life, traffic, and tourism, providing visitors with one-on-one services. Moreover, information kiosks were established in ten popular shopping districts and tourist spots, allowing visitors to experience a new way of shopping: "Online to Offline" (O2O).


The Smart City Summit & Expo is the largest smart city exhibition in Asia, attracting 2,000 foreign visitors and 200 enterprises every year. This year, it took place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from March 26 to 29. Hsinchu County Government was invited to take part in the expo, where its International AI Research Park, Smart Agriculture Cloud Service Project, and Smart Healthcare—Interactive Dementia Prevention System were displayed.


Magistrate Yang elaborated on the blueprint of smart city development in the Mayors' Summit. He stated that Hsinchu County is the technological heartland of Taiwan, yet most of the townships still rely mainly on agriculture. There are many science parks and industrial parks in Hsinchu County, and there are also ten universities in Hsinchu, which has enabled Hsinchu County to have sound supply chains and abundant resources from the industry, academia, and government. Besides, the THSR Hsinchu Station is also located in Hsinchu County, bringing convenience in public transport. All of these factors has endowed Hsinchu County with a desirable investment environment.


Magistrate Yang indicated that he had spent over 30 years in Hsinchu Science Park, Southern Taiwan Science Park, and Central Taiwan Science Park during his career. Thus, he would be able to allocate resources from Hsinchu Science Park to the thirteen townships of Hsinchu County and to sell specialty crops through various channels. This, as Magistrate believed, would be the advantage for Hsinchu County to develop into a smart city.