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Hsinchu County offers coding courses for elementary school students
  • PostDate:2018-05-01
  • Modified Date:2018-05-01

Hsinchu County offers coding courses for elementary school studentsTo allow students in Hsinchu County to keep up with the current trend in artificial intelligence (AI), Hsinchu County Government launches a coding course program in 30 elementary schools for one semester. Thanks to the coordination of Former Deputy Magistrate Xu Gan-mei, Hsinchu County Government is able to cooperate with Micro-Star International (MSI), CodingNations, Ta-hwa University of Science and Technology (TUST), and China University of Technology (CUTe). On April 17th, the county government held a press conference at the lobby of Hsinchu County Hall to announce the program, hoping to cultivate high-tech talents in the future by teaching students programming language in an early age.
In the press conference, Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun indicated that Hsinchu County is dedicated to becoming a city of “hope,” “brightness,” and “technology.” Thus, the county government has proactively integrated a variety of resources from the industry, government, academic and research institutions, making Hsinchu County a highly competitive smart city. The trend of artificial intelligence is unstoppable. Hsinchu County has cooperated with SHA YANG YE Industrial, TUST, and CUTe, to promote technology education and inspire students’ creativity. Magistrate Chiu also shows special appreciation to the well-known e-sports company, MSI, for the patronage, and CodingNations for carrying out the coding course program in 30 schools in Hsinchu County. The program not only allows technology education to reach to the younger generations but also helps enhance the future competitiveness of Taiwan in the technology industry.
President of CodingNations, Liu Wen-tang took Trivago for example. Via the cloud database, consumers can search hotels, compare prices, and make reservations. This kind of innovative services forms digital economy, which is the future trend.
For years, MSI has kept an eye on the capability and creativity shown by the young in e-sports events and has sponsored over 20 professional e-sports teams. Assistant Manager Jian Wen-zhe stated that only by offering programming language education to young children can we nurture top talents. He thought it especially meaningful and valuable to cooperate with Hsinchu County.
Magistrate Chiu and all the guests stuck the logo of CodingNations on the map of Hsinchu County’s 13 townships, which symbolized that the coding course program officially kicked off. It is believed that the program can enhance children’s ability of logical analysis, innovative thinking, control flow, teamwork and how to solve problems, allowing them to seize the opportunity of digital economy and gain global competitiveness.