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How is employment discrimination defined? Is an employer punishable by law if the employer engages in employment discrimination? How do I report employment discrimination encountered during a job search?
  • 修改時間:2018-06-26
  • Post Dept:General Development Department

“Employment discrimination” means the employer decides whether to hire a job applicant, or the working conditions of an employee based on the characteristics of the applicant or the employee and not related to the performance of a specific job. 
In other words, with respect to the recruitment, selection, working conditions, promotion, relocation, rewards/sanctions, training, benefits, or termination conditions, the employer or the business entity does not consider the applicant or the employee’s ability, condition or performance. Rather, the employer or the business entity considers factors that are not related to work ability: “race, social status, language, ideals, religion, political affiliation, family orientation, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marriage, appearance, facial features, disability, or past labor union membership;” as a result, the applicant or the employee with such characteristics will be excluded from the opportunity of equal competition with the others at work. This is “employment discrimination.” If the applicant or the worker is discriminated at a workplace, a complaint may be filed with the local labor competent authority.