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Can an employer transfer a worker at will? Are there any legal rules regarding worker transfers?
  • 修改時間:2018-06-26
  • Post Dept:General Development Department

No. Pursuant to Article 10-1 of the Labor Standards Act, when transferring an employee, an employer shall not violate the provisions of the labor contract and shall also satisfy the following principles:
1. The employee shall be transferred based on the needs of business operation and without improper motives or purposes. Matters not provided for herein shall be governed by other applicable statutes.
2. The wages and other working conditions shall not be changed to be unfavorable to the employee concerned.
3. The employee shall still be able to satisfactorily perform the duties required in terms of physical ability and skills after the transfer.
4. The employer shall provide necessary assistance if the relocated workplace where is too far away for the employee concerned.
5. The livelihood interests of the employee and his or her family shall be considered.