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221LEGO Miniature of Taiwan Built with 300 Thousand Bricks Draw 200 Thousand to Visit Hsinchu Art & Sport Festival2014-12-05
222The Unveil Ceremony of Provisional Office of Hsinchu International Organic Agricultural Park Creates a New Vision for Organic Agriculture in Hsinchu2014-11-21
223Meet International Comics Stars on November 12014-11-03
2246,000 Heroes run in all-weather on the Double Tenth National Day2014-10-20
225Hsinchu County Ranked the Happiest City in Taiwan Main Island in 2014 City Happiness Index Survey2014-09-24
226Tribal Development Depends on Roads and Bridges. Hsinchu County Government Invested NT$713 Million over 5 Years for the Construction in Jianshih.2014-09-18
227Moving Toward a Senior-citizen-friendly City, Hsinchu County Ranked the First in Long-term Care Services2014-09-12
228A great stride in expanding people-to-people diplomacy─students of St. Aloysius Technical School and international students stay together in Hsinchu County to experience farming and to learn English2014-08-25
229Super Run inviting everyone to jog on National Day, to accept registration on August 82014-08-20
230Number of Hsinchu County government’s official website visitors surpasses 100 million thanks to the unfailing support from the general public2014-08-19
231Hsinchu County’s 2014 Bench Theater to invite everyone to bring stools to see movies and eat ice cream bars on every Saturday afternoon from July 19 to August 162014-07-29
232Here comes the Linsanity─Jeremy Lin calls on Hsinchu County to teach students basketball skills and to encourage the younger generation to chase dreams2014-07-25
233Free entry tickets for Hsinchu County’s Hakka Yimin Night to be redeemed with receipts on July 262014-07-17
234Xinpu Township’s sweet, crispy and round Lucky Pear hits the market2014-07-16
235Hsinchu County ranking 1st in Quality of Life and Modernization Index in Taiwan: Overall Competitiveness Survey of 19 Counties and Cities by Global Views Monthly2014-07-08
236Hsinchu County Government sinks NT$ 47 million in building Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park to represent Young Marshal’s old-time charisma2014-07-02
237With extraordinary purchasing power and fertility rate, Hsinchu County ranking 1st in growth rate of wholesale and retail industries’ turnovers in Taiwan2014-06-27
238Magistrate Chiu organizes a celebration dinner in recognition of effort of players and coaches to bag 8 gold, 9 silver and 9 bronze medals for Hsinchu County in 2014 National High School Games2014-06-24
239Taiwan’s first Medical Shuttle to hit the road in Hsinchu County─17 stops of Xinfeng Line expected to benefit 20,000 residents in 8 villages2014-06-20
240A high-tech move to create elder-friendly environment─ Hsinchu County’s App “Happy Grandpa & Grandma” and Intelligent Cloud launched2014-06-11